The Bair imaging facility now has several copies of Volocity ver 4 and 5. This visualisation classification and restoration software is a high performance 3D and 4D imaging package. The software is very easy to use. You can easily make avi movies to export to ppt for presentations or QuickTime VR movies.

View your cells in 3D and 4D with Volocity Visualisation. The software allows you to explore and rotate your samples in real time. It provides high quality rendering with total interactivity. Users can train Volocity to automatically identify structures of interest and ask it to find and track them. Find measure track and chart objects in your samples with Volocity Quantification. You can then view tracked objects overlayed on the 2D images or 3D images.

Because of the size of files generated by some on the Z stack timelapses we now have 3 window 64x PCs to improve speed of handling of your data. Volocity is also available on two window XP systems.Volocity PCs are booked on the scheduler.

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Mitotic cells 3D L.Black R11



 Volocity SOP

 Volocity Restoration SOP                                                                           

 More information available from   www.improvision.com


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