Dr Leo Carlin. BAIR Facility Manager.


The Beatson Advanced Imaging Resource (BAIR) is located on level 1 of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research.

Our aim is to develop a cutting edge facility which will support sophisticated world-class studies of protein localization and interaction, in living cells, tissues, and animals. Following consultation with Beatson Group Leaders, we identified 5 imaging approaches with the greatest potential to advance the research of the Beatson Institute: two-color live cell FP imaging, photo-activation and –bleaching of FPs, TIRF, FLIM-FRET, and in vivo imaging. Through careful selection of new equipment purchases these techniques have been implemented on a wide range of microscope platforms. This provides users with the flexibility to approach the same technique in slightly different ways, which we have found to be critical to success. For example two color FP imaging can be done in wide field, TIRF, and confocal; FLIM-FRET can be done in wide field, TIRF, Spinning Disk, or MPLSM. Furthermore, we have generally tried to establish a pipeline in which experiments developed in vitro can be translated in vivo. Continuous development of advanced applications in the future will require close work with our users, so we can understand their scientific questions and help them to identify useful imaging technology.


It is important to note that the BAIR is not an optical technology development group, i.e. we are not trying to invent new imaging approaches. Instead we use available technology, which we optimize to make custom systems with improved performance for specific tasks. Examples of this include our 2 custom TIRF set ups for photo-activation and FLIM-FRET. In general it is important for us to develop strong and productive interactions with commercial partners, and for them to view us as a center of excellence in which they are keen to be represented.

The BAIR occupies a purpose-built space in the basement of the new Beatson building.Central features of the floor plan include: space flexibility, achieved through the use of large rooms divided by curtains; a central laser room, which provides a more stable operating environment for delicate equipment and removes a source of heat, noise, and hazard from the user environment; a computer room, situated near the imaging systems to facilitate the flow of data from acquisition to analysis; and a staff office with natural lighting overlooking the hallway, which promotes rapid user assistance.

The BAIR staff serves as a repository of expert knowledge who train users and assist with advanced applications. We have 4 staff members whose main areas of responsibility are:

            Margaret O’Prey: Confocal Imaging.

            David Strachan: Image analysis, Timelapse Imaging and multi-photon support

            Ewan McGhee: In Vivo imaging and FLIM.














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