Metamorph Software.

The BAIR imaging facility has several copies of Metamorph from 7.5.1 to 7.7. These are used for image acquisition on the Nikon TE 2000 TIRF microscope, the Nikon TE2000 and Ti eclipse timelapse microscopes. We have one offline workstation with Metamorph 7.5.1 for image analysis and processing.

Metamoroh offers an array of tools for image acquisition, processing and analysis. It enables operations such as timelapse, multi-dimentional acquisition and 3D reconstruction. It can be used for measurements, quantifications and colocalization studies.Metamorph is optimized for multi dimensional experiments. It can be used to compare pixel intensity, perform region statistics and volume measurements.

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Cell Tracking of Metamorph images.

Metamorph Offline

The offline system has all the analytical and processing capabilities of the complete metamorph system, but without the advanced image acquisition or hardware control.



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