ImspectorPro is the control and on-line analysis package used in conjunction with the multi-photon LaVision Biotec TriM-Scope.

 You can easily set up and control all aspects of the experiment through it and run experiments with up to 5 parameters such as depth (z), time (t), excitation wavelength (l), excitation polarisation and stage position (x and y).

 Three PMT detectors are available and one FLIM detector are all controllable and compatible with the experiment parameters.

 File export is in the native msr file format which only ImSpectorPro uses and so OME-tiff file export is available as well. This retains the metadata such as your experiment details for use in other visulisation and analysis packages such as ImageJ and Imaris.

This software supports advanced scan modes and allows the user to switch within different scan areas within xx ms. For this reason the TriM Scope software is the perfect tool for application like photo activation, uncaging and FRAP.






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