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This Olympus FV1000 is a confocal system which is similar to the FV1000_1 except for the design of the laser combiner.The system offers high resolution confocal observations of both fixed and living cells. The FV1000-2 is built around a BX81 inverted microscope and it is equipped with a SIM scanner that enables synchronization of specimen excitation and observation (while one laser stimulates the second laser simultaneously provides  high resolution imaging). This makes the FV1000 the system of choice for FRAP, FLIP and photo activation. In this system we have the option of photoactivation and FRAP using any laser line whereas in the FV1000_1 the only laser available for these applications is the 405nm diode laser.


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A = Vector                                                                                                        B = 273H


Movement of GFP-actin  p53 cells versus control cells. P.Muller R15































This information and more information is available from the Olympus website.



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