Olympus FV1000 Specs

Olympus FV1000 SOP  

The Olympus FV1000 is a confocal system designed for high resolution confocal imaging of both fixed and living cells.The FV1000 is built around a BX81 inverted microscope and  is equipped with a SIM scanner that enables synchronization of specimen excitation and observation (while one laser stimulates the second laser simultaneously provides  high resolution imaging). This makes the FV1000 the system of choice  for FRAP, FLIP and photoactivation.

Can view up to 3 fluorophores plus transmitted light.

Can be used for short term timelapses (No incubation chamber attached at present. A small Pecon 37-2 stage heater and CO2 is available.)

The system is used for the following applications:

Transmitted light detection for brightfield or DIC

Photoactivation and photobleaching using the SIM scanner (50mW 405mn diode laser)- This allows visualization of very fast protein dynamics(100-200ms recovery time)

Standard multi labelled sample imaging. The system has a Variable bandpass filter which allows for flexibility when choosing the wavelength of the emission fluorescence to be captured.

Laser lines available: 405nm,458nm,488nm,515nm,561nm,633nm.

Objectives available:10x/0.4, 20x/0.75 40x/0.9, 60x/1.35 oil, 60x/1.4 oil, 40x.0.8 water, 60x/0.9 water.



This information as well as additional information is available from:  Olympus.co.uk


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