Nikon Timelapse SOP

Nikon Timelapse multi well SOP

Nikon Timelapse 3 is similar in specs to system 1. It  is fitted with a Nikon PSF unit. When the PFS is turned on the position of the glass bottom dish/plate is detected using a 777nm infra red light. The system continuously corrects the focus at the plane of interest with its continuous optical offset feature. The result is an end to out of focus drift. You should no longer have to adjust the focus knob after adding reagents or after stage movement. The PFS works with glass bottom dishes. Mixed results have been achieved with plastic dishes. You may have to switch off the PFS and use the system in the conventional way for plastic dishes. The system is equipped with a Sutter lambda 10-3 controller, ASI MS2 XY stage with linear encoders, Photometrics CoolSnap HQ CCD camera and Metamorph software. This system has an additional Metamorph multi well plate scanning module.














This information about the TE2000 and more information can be found on the Nikon Website








































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