Incycyte FLR and Zoom systems



The Incucyte FLR consists of a microscope that is placed inside a cell incubator. The system cam accommodate various flasks and plates and can acquires up to 2000 images per hour. It can be used for the for monitoring cell growth, health and viability. Commonly it is used for cell migration assays and kinetic apoptosis assays. This system comes with a x10 objective and allows both Phase contrast and/or green fluorescence.

Incucyte FLR 

The incucyte Zoom systems  are equipped with x4,x10and x20 objectives and allow both phase contrast and /or green and red fluorescence. One system can be found in the CL 2 lab ( Zoom 1) for use with CL 2 samples.

Incucyte Zoom 1( CL 2)

Incucyte Zoom 3


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