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The Nikon A1 system is a fully automated, highly sensitive confocal microscope system. It has the capability to scan very rapidly (230 frames per second in a 512 x 64 pixel image and 30 fps at 512 x 512). This is due to the A1R's two scanning systems. Firstly there is a conventional sawtooth scanning system galvano, (This is used for high resolution imaging where speed is not essential). Secondly there is also a fast resonant scanner which is used for applications where the need for speed outweighs the need for high resolution. The two scanning systems can be operated in rapid succession or simultaneously. This makes it possible to stimulate the specimen during observation. As a result, the rapid protein dynamics that occur immediately after the laser has stimulated the cell can be accurately captured and analysed. The A1R also has a spectral detector, based on a conventional 32 cathode PMT. The system is built around a Nikon Ti Eclipse microscope with PFS. This makes it the perfect confocal to use for live cell timelapse imaging

System specs:

Scan head with regular galvanometer mirrors and resonant mirrors

4 laser system with AOTF 405LD 38mw,561nmDPSS 25mW,638nmLD 10mW and multi-line argon gas laser (457nm, 488nm, 514nm).

XY,XYT,XYZ,XYZT and multipoint scanning .Galvano pixel max 4096x4096 pixels. Resonant  pixel max 512x512 pixels.

Simultaneous photoactivation/bleaching and image acquisition

4 channel PMT detector and 32channel PMT spectral detector

Transmitted light detector

3d and 4D imaging.


This information and additional information about the A1R can be found on the Nikon website:











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