Andor Revolution XD Spinning Disc system

Andor SD SOP

The Andor Revolution XD is built around a Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope with PFS.- Should be your system of choice for live cell imaging.


Yokogawa CSU-X spinning disc confocal unit with a disk speed that supports up to 2,000 frames per second.


Laser Combiner  with 488nm and 561nm lasers


High resolution Andor Neo sCMOS camera.( 2560 x 2160 pixel, 16 bit, linear full well 30,000 e, read out noise 1 e, quantum efficiency > 55%, 100 frames/sec @ 2560 x 2160 pixel) for high speed/sensitivity/resolution)


Cairn Optsplit for simultaneous  duel fluorescence imaging.


Andor mosaic FRAPPA unit for FRAP and photo activation


Oko lab bold line stage top incubator with humidifier and Co2.


Andor IQ 2 acquisition software


More information about the system is available from




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