Laser Safety

Confocal Microscope.


Laser light is emitted from the objective during normal use of any microscope that uses laser light as an excitation source.


Because the light emitted from the objective is low power, divergeant, and you can not look straight down the objective, the whole microscope system is classified as 3R or lower; i.e. safe to operate with no eye or skin protection.


However, the power levels and beam profiles inside the microscope may be dangerous.


Therefore, two practical rules are important for safe work with microscopes that use lasers.


1. Never operate a microscope with empty objective positions. All positions in the nose-piece should have either an objective or a safety cap in place. This prevents potentially dangerous laser light from escaping the microscope.


2. Never use another lens (eyepiece, telescope, magnifying glas, etc) to view the light emitted by the objective during scanning. This prevents focussing (concentrating) the low power, divergeant beam emitted by the objective back into a high power point.


Please note the new Zeiss 880 has a class 4 UV laser on the system. Please read the RA before you use this microscope.




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