No unauthorised member of staff should be using the facility.

All staff must receive training before using the facility.

Individual group members should not be training new members of group staff.

Failure to appear for your booking  could result in you loosing your slot . We will apply a 30min rule (more than 30min late and other users can take up your booking).

Lack of care or abuse of the equipment could result in loss of facility access.

Follow all instrument standard operating procedures. Leave the facility clean and tidy as you find it.

Please book assistants at least 24hr in advance where possible so they can plan there day.

Do not leave images on the hard drive of the computers.Any HD images stored for longer than two weeks will be deleted.

No food or drink is allowed in the equipment rooms.

Please report any problems you have with the equipment to the facility staff. The equipment is QCT on a weekly basis but intermittent faults can be missed.

Risk assessment forms are available for all the equipment.




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