Access to the BAIR Facility.

BAIR equipment is available for use by all Beatson Research Groups, and may be accessed by Glasgow University Research Groups following consultation. Beatson groups will be charged internally for equipment use, whereas University Groups must set up an external account. Only staff who have been trained to use the equipment should be accessing and using the facility. It is essential to emphasize that failure to receive the appropriate training could result in access to the facility being denied. Contact for more information.


How to go about receiving training.

E-mail or approach a member of the facility staff in the first instance to discuss your microscopy needs.

The staff will guide you towards which instrument best suits your needs.

The staff will then give you access rights to the Beatson Scheduler where you can book the equipment and the assistant for training.( for some of our high end systems access will only be given after training is complete).

The training time required will depend on the equipment and the applications being used. As a rule of thumb book a 1 or 2 hour training session for your introduction to the systems basic applications. Specialized microscope training will take considerably longer.

Arrange more training if required. The assistants are here for this reason and are only too happy to help.

External users should e-mail or to arrange for equipment access and training.

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