LaVision BioTec TRIMScope.                                                                 Invasive cancer cells on the surface of an organotypic sample.( white) Second harmonic generated signal from collagen (purple)


The LaVision TRIM microscope is a high-resolution multiphoton system able to image small groups of cells down to the level of subcellular structure and generate three-dimensional reconstructions. This system has been used to image neurons of the central nervous system and epithelial cells within the crypts of the colon.

LaVision BioTec’s TriMScope is based on a patented beamsplitter that splits up an incoming laser beam into up to 64 beamlets which are scanned simultaneously in the object plane. This results in either 64 times brighter images or 64 times higher image acquisition rates compared to standard single beam multiphoton scanning microscopes.


•Offers fluorescent and second harmonic generated imaging of samples from cell culture through to whole tissue samples via intermediate systems such as organotypic invasion assays (artificial skin)
•Example samples:
•cells on glass / CDM / collagen invasion assays;
•organotypic samples which are a mix of collagen type 1 and fibroblasts, providing a model of stroma with both fluorescent cultured cells and fluorescent fibroblasts possible. This allows the 3-d visulisation of the interaction between tumour cells and the host stromal fibroblasts. The nature of this assay easily allows the direct genetic and or drug modification of cellular behavior to be studied over a course of approximately a month
•Sample slices – the quantity of collagen can be quantified in various locations
•Tissue samples from genetic models, transplant generated models
•Techniques available:
•Intensity fluorescence and second harmonic generation
•Full range of fluorophores accessible to imaging from DAPI through to far-reds
•Fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) across all fluorophores and autofluorescence e.g. NAD(P)H
•Z-stack, tile scanning, time course









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